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:: Sub-Shared Short Codes::
Same features with the shared Short code but can take lesser Traffic
:: Shared Short Codes::
Shared short codes are a low-cost and easy setup solution for all clients. With these short codes, you share a short code number with other customers and keywords are used to differentiate one client from another. Client can purchase as many keywords as they want. Keywords can also be used to reinforce the brand name, as the mobile user would have to type the special keyword in order to interact with the client's brand.
:: Dedicated Short Codes::
Dedicated short codes are for clients who intend to provide a range of different mobile services, expect a high monthly volume of messages or want to offer more complex 2-way services. Messages to the short codes are MO billed i.e. the user is charged once they send a message to the short code. Clients can choose their dedicated number and tariff from a range of our short codes.
Our Dedicated Short Code Platform covers all networks and our Shared Covers MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and VISAFONE. (We are still processing Etisalat)
Shared Short Code
The cost for our Shared Short Code Services per Account is N100,000,000 one-time setup fee plus a First Monthly Access fee of N12,000 (Total of N112,000) and subsequent Monthly Access Fee of N12,000 payable to Us directly.
Dedicated Short Code
Dedicated Short Code has a setup fee of N490,000.
PRICE: #490,000
No of Keywords: Unlimited
Monthly Admin Fee: #30,000
Revenue Payment Cycle
Payment is made directly by TN every 90 days. At the time of payment you will be notified or you can contact your account manager.
  • Decide whether you want Shared or Dedicated Short code
  • Choose your platform (mBILL, mPUSH, mFUSION, SIM HOST, or Jungle Pay)
  • Fill out the Registration Form and email it to us. Download registration form from the Download page.
  • Make payment to the account details above. Once payment is confirmed, setup will commence
  • We will send you your contract. Upon returning a signed contract back to us, our tech support will further conclude your account setup.
  1. Client receives Net Revenue.
  2. Net Revenue is inclusive of all network statutory deductions.
  3. Net Revenue is inclusive of a 20% administrative fee (after statutory deductions).
  4. Final Payment is based on the Network Logs.
  5. We will process all payments on behalf of the client.
  6. We pay the client within 4 days of receipt of payment from the networks.
  7. Their payout is 90days from your first transaction and a minimum of balance N70,000 is required for a payout to be made.
  8. We support MTN, GLO , AIRTEL, VISAFONE,
Operator Out payments
Tariff (NGN) Visafone     MTN         Airtel        Glo       
30.00 NGN      10.930      8.851      14.781      9.851        
50.00 NGN      21.088     18.702     22.018     13.623       
100.00 NGN    22.869      35.334    48.501     24.939