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We have a comprehensive database of valid and active Nigerian Phone Numbers sorted
and classified into state by state and each state's Mobile number collection is further
grouped by their local Government (LGA) and Gender. Our GSM Numbers database was
recently obtained and it has a very high percent of active (ie ringing) and location based
numbers. Our list makes it easier for your targeted location-based campaigns,
advertisements and mobile marketing activities and business promotion in a cost effective
way. We can also assist you in sending bulk sms to your targeted Nigerian audience
through our reliable SMS gateway.

If you are in doubt on the quality of our numbers, pls feel free to request for sample
numbers or previews of any location of your choice, so you can ascertain the quality of
our numbers before making payment.

We offer a very affordable and flexible. Though the mobile gsm database was obtained
through a painstaking and expensive process, we have decided to offer it at a giveaway
price. We can sell the entire Mobile Numbers database at a token or one may decide to
order up the entire GSM database for a particular state. We also sell in smaller bits. We
sell to suit your needs and choice.

We will forward the database to your inbox within 20 minutes of confirming your payment,
so you can download at will.

We can also waybill the package to you (any location in
Nigeria) within a week of confirming your payment. So you can choose the most
convenient mode of receiving the Nigerian phone number database .

 Networks covered!
MTN numbers: 0806 0803 0810 0706 0703 etc
Glo numbers : 0805, 0705, etc
Airtel numbers : 0808, 0708, 0802, 0812 etc
Etisalat numbers: 0809, 0818 etc

 To Place a request, visit our PRICE LIST Page or Call our Hotline 09092779456, 08177590104